July 28 Birthdays

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July 28th, 1993 (July 28 1993)BirthHannah Lochner, Canadian actress
July 28th, 1990 (July 28 1990)BirthShana Swash, English Actress
July 28th, 1990 (July 28 1990)BirthSoulja Boy, American Rapper
July 28th, 1988 (July 28 1988)BirthAyla Brown, American singer
July 28th, 1988 (July 28 1988)BirthCasper Johansen, Danish footballer
July 28th, 1986 (July 28 1986)BirthAlexandra Chando, American actress
July 28th, 1985 (July 28 1985)BirthDustin Milligan, Canadian actor
July 28th, 1985 (July 28 1985)BirthTynisha Keli, American singer
July 28th, 1984 (July 28 1984)BirthDeMeco Ryans, American football player
July 28th, 1984 (July 28 1984)BirthZach Parise, American ice hockey player
July 28th, 1982 (July 28 1982)BirthAgusta Eva Erlendsdottir, Icelandic singer and actress
July 28th, 1982 (July 28 1982)BirthTom Pelphrey, American actor
July 28th, 1981 (July 28 1981)BirthMichael Carrick, English footballer
July 28th, 1981 (July 28 1981)BirthJo In Sung, South Korean actor
July 28th, 1980 (July 28 1980)BirthStephen Christian, American singer (Anberlin)
July 28th, 1979 (July 28 1979)BirthLee Minwoo, Korean singer (Shinhwa)
July 28th, 1979 (July 28 1979)BirthBirgitta Haukdal, Icelandic singer
July 28th, 1979 (July 28 1979)BirthHenrik Hansen, Danish footballer
July 28th, 1978 (July 28 1978)BirthHitomi Yaida, Japanese singer/songwriter
July 28th, 1977 (July 28 1977)BirthEmanuel Ginobili, Argentine basketball player
July 28th, 1977 (July 28 1977)BirthAki Berg, Finnish ice hockey player
July 28th, 1976 (July 28 1976)BirthJacoby Shaddix, American singer (Papa Roach)
July 28th, 1975 (July 28 1975)BirthLeonor Watling, Spanish actress and singer
July 28th, 1974 (July 28 1974)BirthJustin Lee Collins, British comedian
July 28th, 1973 (July 28 1973)BirthSteve Staios, Canadian ice hockey player
July 28th, 1973 (July 28 1973)BirthMarc Dupre, Quebec humorist and singer
July 28th, 1972 (July 28 1972)BirthElizabeth Berkley, American actress
July 28th, 1972 (July 28 1972)BirthEd Templeton, American skateboarder
July 28th, 1972 (July 28 1972)BirthYeom Jeong-ah, South Korean actress
July 28th, 1971 (July 28 1971)BirthStephen Lynch, American musician
July 28th, 1971 (July 28 1971)BirthAnnie Perreault, Canadian short-track speed skater
July 28th, 1970 (July 28 1970)BirthMichael Amott, Swedish guitarist (Arch Enemy)
July 28th, 1970 (July 28 1970)BirthIsabelle Brasseur, Canadian figure skater
July 28th, 1969 (July 28 1969)BirthGarth Snow, American ice hockey goaltender
July 28th, 1969 (July 28 1969)BirthAlexis Arquette, American actor
July 28th, 1969 (July 28 1969)BirthDana White, UFC President
July 28th, 1966 (July 28 1966)BirthShikao Suga, Japanese singer/songwriter
July 28th, 1965 (July 28 1965)BirthPriscilla Chan, Hong Kong singer
July 28th, 1965 (July 28 1965)BirthDelfeayo Marsalis, jazz musician
July 28th, 1964 (July 28 1964)BirthLori Loughlin, American actress
July 28th, 1962 (July 28 1962)BirthRachel Sweet, American singer
July 28th, 1961 (July 28 1961)BirthYannick Dalmas, French race car driver Yanni Quotes
July 28th, 1961 (July 28 1961)BirthAlexander Kurlovitch, Soviet weightlifter
July 28th, 1960 (July 28 1960)BirthYoichi Takahashi, Japanese mangaka of Captain Tsubasa and Hungry Heart Wild Striker
July 28th, 1958 (July 28 1958)BirthTerry Fox, Canadian athlete and activist (died in 1981)
July 28th, 1958 (July 28 1958)BirthMichael Hitchcock, American actor
July 28th, 1955 (July 28 1955)BirthNikolay Zimyatov, Russian cross-country skier
July 28th, 1954 (July 28 1954)BirthBruce Abbott, American actor
July 28th, 1954 (July 28 1954)BirthHugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
July 28th, 1954 (July 28 1954)BirthGerd Faltings, German mathematician
July 28th, 1954 (July 28 1954)BirthSteve Morse, American guitarist
July 28th, 1954 (July 28 1954)BirthMikey Sheehy, Gaelic footballer
July 28th, 1952 (July 28 1952)BirthYoshitaka Amano, Japanese artist
July 28th, 1952 (July 28 1952)BirthVajiralongkorn, Crown Prince of Thailand
July 28th, 1951 (July 28 1951)BirthAnthony A. Williams, Mayor of Washington, D.C.
July 28th, 1951 (July 28 1951)BirthSantiago Calatrava, Spanish architect
July 28th, 1950 (July 28 1950)BirthShahyar Ghanbari, Iranian poet
July 28th, 1949 (July 28 1949)BirthSteve Peregrin Took, English singer (died in 1980)
July 28th, 1949 (July 28 1949)BirthVida Blue, American baseball player
July 28th, 1949 (July 28 1949)BirthPeter Doyle, Australian singer (The New Seekers) (died in 2001)
July 28th, 1948 (July 28 1948)BirthGerald Casale, Musician and Director (Founding Member Devo) Devo Quotes
July 28th, 1948 (July 28 1948)BirthGeorgia Engel, American actress
July 28th, 1948 (July 28 1948)BirthSally Struthers, American actress
July 28th, 1946 (July 28 1946)BirthJonathan Edwards, American singer and songwriterJonathan Edwards Quotes
July 28th, 1946 (July 28 1946)BirthLinda Kelsey, American actress
July 28th, 1946 (July 28 1946)BirthFahmida Riaz, Pakistani writer and feminist
July 28th, 1945 (July 28 1945)BirthJim Davis, American cartoonist
July 28th, 1943 (July 28 1943)BirthMike Bloomfield, American musician (died in 1981)
July 28th, 1943 (July 28 1943)BirthBill Bradley, American basketball player and politician
July 28th, 1943 (July 28 1943)BirthRichard Wright English musician (Pink Floyd)
July 28th, 1942 (July 28 1942)BirthMarty Brennaman, American sportscaster
July 28th, 1941 (July 28 1941)BirthSusan Roces, Filipino actress
July 28th, 1941 (July 28 1941)BirthRiccardo Muti, Italian conductor
July 28th, 1940 (July 28 1940)BirthPhilip Proctor, American comedian
July 28th, 1938 (July 28 1938)BirthAlberto Fujimori, President of Peru
July 28th, 1938 (July 28 1938)BirthChuan Leekpai, Thai politician and Former Prime Minister of Thailand
July 28th, 1937 (July 28 1937)BirthFrancis Veber, French film director and screenwriter
July 28th, 1936 (July 28 1936)BirthRuss Jackson, Canadian football player
July 28th, 1936 (July 28 1936)BirthGarfield Sobers, Barbadian West Indies cricketer
July 28th, 1935 (July 28 1935)BirthSimon Dee, British television broadcaster
July 28th, 1934 (July 28 1934)BirthJacques d Amboise, American choreographer
July 28th, 1933 (July 28 1933)BirthCharlie Hodge, French Canadian ice hockey goaltender
July 28th, 1930 (July 28 1930)BirthJean Roba, Belgian comics author (died in 2006)
July 28th, 1930 (July 28 1930)BirthJunior Kimbrough, American bluesman (died in 1998)
July 28th, 1929 (July 28 1929)BirthJacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Lady of the United States (died in 1994)Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Quotes
July 28th, 1927 (July 28 1927)BirthJohn Ashbery, American poetJohn Ashbery Quotes
July 28th, 1926 (July 28 1926)BirthCharlie Biddle, American-born Quebec jazz bassist (died in 2003)
July 28th, 1925 (July 28 1925)BirthBaruch S. Blumberg, American scientist, Nobel laureate
July 28th, 1924 (July 28 1924)BirthC.T. Vivian, American 1960s Civil Rights Movement activist
July 28th, 1922 (July 28 1922)BirthJacques Piccard, Belgian-born undersea explorer
July 28th, 1916 (July 28 1916)BirthDavid Brown, American film producer
July 28th, 1915 (July 28 1915)BirthCharles Townes, American physicist, Nobel laureate
July 28th, 1914 (July 28 1914)BirthCarmen Dragon, American composer (died in 1984)
July 28th, 1909 (July 28 1909)BirthMalcolm Lowry, English novelist (died in 1957)
July 28th, 1907 (July 28 1907)BirthEarl Tupper, American inventor (died in 1983)
July 28th, 1902 (July 28 1902)BirthKarl Popper, Austrian-born philosopher (died in 1994)Karl Popper Quotes
July 28th, 1901 (July 28 1901)BirthRudy Vallee, American entertainer (died in 1986)
July 28th, 1901 (July 28 1901)BirthFreddie Fitzsimmons, American baseball player (died in 1979)
July 28th, 1900 (July 28 1900)BirthCatherine Dale Owen, American actress (died in 1965)
July 28th, 1898 (July 28 1898)BirthLawrence Gray, American actor (died in 1970)
July 28th, 1896 (July 28 1896)BirthBarbara La Marr, American actress (died in 1926)
July 28th, 1887 (July 28 1887)BirthMarcel Duchamp, French painter (died in 1968)
July 28th, 1874 (July 28 1874)BirthErnst Cassirer, German philosopher (died in 1945) Philo Quotes
July 28th, 1872 (July 28 1872)BirthAlbert Sarraut, French politician (died in 1962)
July 28th, 1867 (July 28 1867)BirthCharles Dillon Perrine, American-born astronomer (died in 1951)
July 28th, 1866 (July 28 1866)BirthBeatrix Potter, English author (died in 1943)Beatrix Potter Quotes
July 28th, 1863 (July 28 1863)BirthHussein Khan Nakhichevanski, Russian general (died in 1919) Evans Quotes
July 28th, 1860 (July 28 1860)BirthElias M. Ammons, governor of Colorado (died in 1925)
July 28th, 1860 (July 28 1860)BirthGrand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna of Russia (died in 1922)
July 28th, 1857 (July 28 1857)BirthBallington Booth, co-founder of Volunteers of America (died in 1940)
July 28th, 1844 (July 28 1844)BirthGerard Manley Hopkins, English poet (died in 1889)Gerard Manley Hopkins Quotes
July 28th, 1815 (July 28 1815)BirthStefan Dunjov, Banat Bulgarian military figure (died in 1889)
July 28th, 1804 (July 28 1804)BirthLudwig Feuerbach, German philosopher (died in 1872) Philo Quotes
July 28th, 1796 (July 28 1796)BirthIgnaz Bosendorfer, Austrian musician (died in 1859)
July 28th, 1750 (July 28 1750)BirthFabre d Eglantine French dramatist and politician, creator of the French Republican calendar (died in 1794)
July 28th, 1746 (July 28 1746)BirthThomas Heyward, Jr., American patriot, signer of the Declaration of Independence (died in 1809)
July 28th, 1659 (July 28 1659)BirthCharles Ancillon, French Huguenot pastor (died in 1715)
July 28th, 1347 (July 28 1347)BirthMargherita of Durazzo, queen of Naples (died in 1412)

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